The Art of Networking 

Turning Contacts into Connections

Mastering the art of networking is an integral part of business success.  In this workshop we offer participants practical tips for branding, connecting and turning a brief encounter into a meaningful business contact.   Topics include preparation for events, introductions, branding strategies, entering and exiting conversations, business card decorum, mingling and working the room.

Learn insider secrets and the latest techniques in the

ever changing world of professional networking

Executive Presence with The Power of Polite

This workshop offers an in-depth exploration of the importance of decorum in business, networking and customer service areas.  Employees leave with a heightened sense of professionalism exuded on a daily basis.

Perfect for emerging leaders

Karen Thomas Etiquette

Certified Etiquette Educator


Karen trains corporations in the tri-state area in business etiquette, decorum and leadership.  Attendees enjoy interactive sessions that not only engage, but leave participants with a wealth of knowledge and strategies allowing them to increase sales and their professional leadership presence.  

Clients include Brown Brothers Harriman (NYC & Boston), Genworth Financial, Aetna, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, NW Mutual, and too numerous others who boast POISE POLISHED PROFESSIONALS after our trainings!

General Business Etiquette

This workshop addresses the following topics for overall professionalism; netiquette, cell etiquette, greetings, introductions, titles and honorifics. 

A great refresher or introduction to customer service for all office personnel

Dress for Ultimate Business Success

Professional attire and the myriad of titles associated with dressing appropriately can be confusing at best.  Our workshop defines and outlines specifications for formal events, social and professional attire as well as accessories, presentation of self and more.

Great for new hires or recent college grads

Dining Debonair 

Meeting, Eating & Competing in Business

Participants learn the importance of dining skills and decorum for meetings and deals made over meals.  Topics include navigating the table setting, flatware, glassware, when to conduct business, reciprocal ordering, tipping, wine etiquette and MORE.

A MUST for any sales team looking to close the deal over a meal with clients

BUSINESS ETIQUETTE  A set a guidelines for manners and behavior in the workplace setting that allows everyone to feel comfortable.

BUSINESS DECORUM  The following of proper procedures and conduct in the workplace setting that fosters positive relationships, cultivation of company image and collaboration.