General Business Etiquette

This course addresses the following topics for overall professionalism; Netiquette, Cell & Phone Etiquette,

Greetings and Introductions, Titles and Honorifics, Business Card Decorum, and more.

Karen trains corporations in the tri-state area in business etiquette, decorum and leadership.  Attendees enjoy interactive sessions that allow them to leave as POISED, POLISHED, PROFESSIONALS. 

The Power of Polite

A culmination of several topics, we address 3 subject areas;  the importance of  etiquette in business, networking and customer service in the modern business setting.  Each participant learns the ins and outs of a professional demeanor recognizable on a daily basis.

Package Your Presence - How Executive Presence is Attained and Maintained

Karen offers her insight and expertise in this fabulous workshop based upon her book - Poised, Polished, Professional -- The Experts' Guide to Executive Presence.  Copies of the book are an optional add on for this workshop.


Dining Debonair - How to Meet, Eat & Compete in for Business Success

Participants learn the importance of  dining skills for business meetings and how to close the deal over a meal or drink.   Topics include navigating the table setting, flatware, glassware, reciprocal ordering, tipping, wine services, conversation, eating difficult foods and more.

Business Workshops

Dress for Ultimate Business Success

Professional Attire and the myriad of titles currently associated with dressing appropriately can be confusing at best.  Our workshop defines and outlines exact specifications for Formal Event Attire (Black & White Tie), Formal Business Attire, Casual Business Attire, Dress Down Do's  & Don'ts,  Accessorizing, Presentation of Self and more.

Networking  - Turning Contacts

into Connections

Mastering the art of Networking is an integral part of business success.  In this workshop we offer practical tips for branding, connecting and turning a brief encounter into a meaningful business connection.  Topics include prior preparation for events, introductions, branding exercises, exiting & entering conversations, business card decorum, mingling and working the room and more.