Networking Master Class

Students explore personal branding, crafting an intromercial, networking excellence, entering and exiting conversations and the ability to turn contacts into connections.

Dining Debonair - How to Meet, Eat & Compete in Business

Students learn the finer points of dining out with clients, or for the interview.  Topics include, navigate the formal table setting, ordering, conversation savvy, how to eat difficult foods, tipping, to drink or not to drink, how and when to discuss business and more.  Students leave prepared to enter any social meal setting.

After College & Beyond

3 hour Intensive

(group OR personal workshop)

This workshop is for recent college grads or Seniors that are heading to graduate school or directly into a career.  Offering the latest in business professionalism, what to expect, how to do it and creating a polished professional appearance.  Topics include professional business etiquette, social skills, conflict management, written and electronic communication, attire, customer service, social media, interviews as well as dining etiquette in business.

College Topics

Soft Skills 101

75% of job success depends upon soft skills and interpersonal skills in the workplace. This workshop will allow students to identify their strengths & weaknesses in this area with interactive lessons on body language, team building, public speaking, conversational skills, negotiations as well as stress and time management 



Interview Etiquette Advantage

You've got an interview with a fabulous corporation, now what... In this workshop we address everything you need to successfully navigate the interview process.  Attire, preparation, research, questions, conduct and more.  One of our  most successful workshops to date with an overall success rate of 87%.

Karen teaches and lectures at over 20 different colleges across CT, MA & NY.  Her unique style of engaging the interest of her students has allowed her to become the TOP College Instructor in Etiquette.  Karen continues to add to her list of colleges each year.  A trainer to the UCONN Women's National Champion Basketball team as well as the UCONN Men's Football team, let Karen prepare your students for ULTIMATE SUCCESS.