WHY  choose KTE for your etiquette certification...  Karen Thomas, also known as the CT Etiquette Expert, is a certified etiquette educator, author, speaker and trainer.  With over 17 years experience in all aspects of etiquette training, Karen is the foremost authority in the tri-state area.  She is the etiquette expert to 2 morning tv shows in CT and MA as well as radio  and print media.  Karen will teach you how to manage, teach and engage children through effective and humorous curriculum designed to delight children of all ages.

WHO should become certified... Anyone wanting to spread civility and teach manners to children and teens including:  parents, teachers, coaches, paraprofessionals, anyone looking to become their own boss, start their own business or earn additional income 

WHAT does the program provide... Our program offers intensive training in all aspects of children's etiquette.  Course materials, workbook, hands on training props, handouts, marketing materials guided instruction on how to begin, advertise and price your business,  a one year open access to KTE for additional support, access to all KTE products AND..a complete business ready to go.

OFF SITE and personal training are available..  We offer one-on-one training to anyone in the U.S. that wants a private 2 day certification. Additional costs may be incurred for travel.  On-site personal training fee is $2,250.00 (travel  not included)

END RESULT - students will enjoy the exciting world of children's etiquette with a full knowledge of  how to teach classes, begin an etiquette consultancy, a certificate of completion with full certification and hands on extensive follow up support available from KTE

INVESTMENT...$1,250.00 all inclusive. All major credit cards are accepted as well as Google Wallet and U.S. Money Order.  Once payment is received the certification package will be mailed out to the recipient.

HOW TO GET STARTED... click on the certification application button below, fill out the form, email it back to us and we will contact you  and answer any questions you may have.    ctetiquette@gmail.com   

Frequently Asked Questions for Certification Training


Simply fill out the form, email it back to us, complete payment and we will forward the home study course to you.  You'll receive the complete package of training to use at your own pace.   Complete the certification test to start the road of becoming a Certified Children's Etiquette Trainer... Package includes all training materials, curriculum, games, marketing materials and of course, access to KTE and updated curriculum, materials and support.     Email us for more information ctetiquette@gmail.com

Become a Children's Etiquette Consultant