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  • Training with Karen will afford your company the luxury of knowing your staff is equipped with the essential tools necessary for providing exceptional customer service and outstanding business decorum, all while increasing the bottom line.

  • Expert segment provider for tv and radio... Karen is seen and heard monthly in CT and MA offering her etiquette expertise.

  • College instructor at 15+ colleges in CT and MA, Karen embraces the college mind-set with ease and garners the attention of students in all phases of their academic career.

  • Karen works with Fortune 500 companies, universities and individuals to rave reviews of her knowledge and expertise of the rather complex subject of etiquette, protocol and decorum.

  • Known as  the CT Etiquette Expert, Karen entertains audience with her extensive knowledge gained by her certifications in etiquette training and continued yearly professional development in this area.  Established in 2001, Karen offers exceptional training found only in her carefully developed curriculum.

  • Karen has co-authored 2 #1 best selling books outlining etiquette rules for speakers and the utmost importance of grace and civility for leadership and career advancement.

Benefits of Hiring Karen...